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Here you will find answers to some of the questions we here the most often. Please call us at 937-469-0029 for additional information or your free estimate.

How do I know when my roof has failed?

It depends on what type of roof you have. Different types of roofs fail at different rates and with different indicators. Some indicators include:

  • Blistering or peeling paint
  • Chimney leaks
  • Leaks in several locations
  • Leakage in the attic
  • Missing, cracked or curling shingles
  • Persistent leaks
  • Rotten fascia or soffit
  • Shingle, sheathing or siding decay
  • Stains on interior walls or ceilings

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it totally replaced?
Not necessarily. Leaking can result because some flashings have come loose or because a section of the roof has been damaged. A roof failure, however, is generally irreversible and results from improper installation or choice of materials, or from the installation of a roof system inappropriate to the building.

When is the best time to install a new roof?
Generally speaking, the best time is during the warmer months, though the manufacturer's do guarantee the shingles to seal down in any temperature. There is better working conditions and more daylight to get the job done a little quicker.

What will a new roof cost?
The price of a new roof varies widely, depending on the material selected, the contractor doing the work, the home itself, area of the country, local labor rates, time of year, and more. To get a good idea of the cost for your roof, call us for a free estimate.

How long can I expect my roof to last?
The condition and lifespan of your roof will depend on the type of roof you have, the effects of your local environment and the maintenance which the roof has received.

What type of warranty do you offer?
All labor is guaranteed for 5-10 years depending on what is done. All materials come with standard manufacturers warranties.

How will new shingles look on my roof?
Choosing Jon McKinney Home Improvement is one of the best ways to improve the visual appeal and market value of your home. Their rich, dimensional appearance makes a statement that few other roofing materials can.

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